Rigid Industries Baja 100 Recap



Rigid Industries Baja 1000 Recap: 

For Rigid Industries, to say the 2014 Baja 1000 was a success would be an understatement. The people of Baja, yet again, opened up their town, streets, restaurants, hotels, and everything else that they consider home to the 230-plus race entries, teams, sponsors, and supporters of the 47th Tecate SCORE Baja 1000. The row of haulers lined the street at the event headquarters and starting line and the street-side taco stands were hot from sun-up to sunset from Wednesday morning to Thursday night in Ensenada.

It was clearly one of the biggest 1000’s to date as the fans poured in to watch the trucks roll through contingency on Wednesday in preparation to the Thursday morning green flag. Monster Energy had their stage and DJ set up as usual, venders stretched the length of the entire street, thousands of stickers were handed out to the kids (and adults), and the biggest names of the sport came and went before the day was over.

With no rhyme or reason to the order of appearance for each race vehicle, stars like Bryce Menzies, Apdaly Lopez, the COPS Racing team, and Justin Matney made their appearance early. Everything from dirt bikes, buggies, UTVs and stock trucks blended in between the Trophy Trucks and Class 1 cars but it wasn’t until sundown when fan-favorite BJ Baldwin made his way through, what seemed to be five times the amount of people, from earlier in the morning.

Stopping the Monster Energy Toyo Tires Rigid Industries Trophy Truck in front of the Rigid Industries booth, BJ climbed on top of the roof and threw out stickers, posters, key chains, and anything else he could to the thousands of fans swarming his truck and showing love to the Ensenada racing fans.

At the conclusion of Wednesday’s contingency, the fans, race teams, and stars of the sport made their way to the Monster Energy Papas and Beer pre-race party in downtown Ensenada where it was estimated that 10,000 lined the street celebrating the biggest event of the year, the Super Bowl of Off-Road Racing, 47th Tecate SCORE Baja 1000.

At 6:00am Thursday morning, the bikes and quads staged for the start prior to the sun coming up. With six Trophy Truck entries, four Class 1 entries, a Trophy Truck Spec, and entries ranging from smaller car and truck classes and all the way to the UTVs, bikes, and quads, we couldn’t have been more proud to be this well-represented on the race course. Unfortunately for two-time defending champion BJ Baldwin, his day ended early due to a broken axle and the truck getting stuck in the silt bed.

For Baja 500 Champ Bryce Menzies, a broken rocker arm at RM 540 took the Menzies Motorsports #70 out of the race. However, just over 24 hours after the Trophy Trucks left the starting line, the Rigid Industries Torture Team managed to walk away with two Top-10 finishes in Trophy Truck between Clyde Stacy in 7th place in the RPM #5 entry and Zak Langley in the COPS Racing #50 entry in 8th place.

Additionally, the top three positions in Class 1 with Justin Davis 1st in class and taking 5th place overall on corrected time, followed by Justin Matney and Damen Jefferies. Brenthel Industries in Trophy Truck spec took a 3rd place in class, and with a win in Class 19 UTV for John Angal, the Rigid Industries team left their mark on the 47th Tecate SCORE Baja 1000.

Official Rigid Industries Baja 1000 Finishers/Results: 

Trophy Truck

Clyde Stacy – 7th

Zak Langley – 8th

Jay Reichert – 13th

Ken Losch – 15th

Class 1

Justin Davis – 1st

Justin Matney – 2nd

Damen Jefferies – 3rd

Class ½-1600

Kevin Smith – 5th

Class 7

Pete Sohren – 1st

Class 10

Patrick Dailey – 12th

Trophy Truck Spec

Jonathan Brenthel – 3rd

Class 19

John Angal – 1st

Justin Lambert – 7th

Class 40

Oscar Fazz – 5th


Joe Ramos – 3rd

Sportsman 1500

Derek Fletcher – 1st

Sportsman 1400

Jim Bunn – 2nd

Sportsman ATV

Fidel Gonzalez – 3rd

Don Higbee – 4th

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