Arctic Cat Wildcat X


Who Ordered The Wildcat? just may have out-designed themselves this time.Their latest build, the Arctic Cat Wildcat X was spared no detail – and these experts are definitely at the top of their game.


Joey “D” DiGiovanni,, and Tim Berendes SDR Motorsports, understand the world is a stage and they design their wild rides to move across it – in custom, decked out style with every signature feature they can dream up. With the best partners in the industry contributing to the Wildcat X, here they unveil it.


First accessory – lighting. Rigid Industries provided nothing but the best: a custom fitted 30” SR, a 10” SR, two (2) Dually D-2’s, two (2) SR-M series and five (5) A-Series LEDs. With top of the line, high-end LED flood/driving beam patterns custom fitted to this Arctic, it was Game On.


Next up, wheels and tires – a tricked-out set. Method Race Wheels hooked these guys up with a new set of 14 Method beadlocks. Customizing the bead lock rings to match the graphics scheme, they were wrapped in a set of 30 GBC Kanati Mongrel tires.


Suspension is up next. FOX hooked the team up with their top of the line Kashima Coated dampeners. “Shocks are only as good as the tune you have in them” and FOX offered up 3 different Valve settings to suit any style of riding.


Moving on to the sound of the machine. SDR installed a Yoshimura full exhaust system changing not just the performance of the Arctic, but the sound of it – imagine firing it up.

The rest of the custom accessories are top of the line with safety, ease and aesthetics in mind: SafeGlowWhips, PCI Race Radios Bluetooth intercom system, PCI 50w iCom radioAir, Custom SDR Switches, PCI HJC Play Car Helmets, Yoshimura Fender Rock Guards. To finish the car off was a super clean graphics kit.

These pictures are the end result of what a team of badass UTV guys can do when they put their heads together and order up a Wildcat.


Photo credit: Jason Zindroski, Contributing Photographer,

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