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Alaska LED Industries, while not an actual business entity until early 2012, began in 2008 at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas. While attending the SEMA Show that year, the managing business partner, Chris Eason, was looking for an LED light bar to begin selling in the auto customization shop he was opening in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Chris had already decided to be a dealer for another large LED light bar company, when he came around a corner, at the show, and saw a small booth with four guys selling LED light bars. Those four guys were Seth, Jason, Steve, and Taylor the owners of a little known company out of Arizona called Rigid Industries LED Lighting.

Chris spent the next eight hours learning about a company that had designed an incredible light bar, with top of the line optics and reflectors, and a warranty that backed up the owner’s belief in their product – “Lifetime Warranty”. Chris became the first authorized distributor in Alaska, not just a dealer of Rigid Industries light bars.

One of his customers, at the shop was, Ben, the tow truck driver from the reality show Ice Road Truckers; which was being filmed in Fairbanks. One of the first light bars that Chris sold was installed on Ben’s truck. Ben went on to install many light bars on his rigs, and “advertised” extensively for the business while driving up and down the Dalton Highway.

Chris also initiated contact with Lisa, a trucker on Ice Road Truckers, and installed lights on her truck as well. The meeting with Lisa led to meeting the production crew of Ice Road Truckers, and installing light bars on all of their vehicles in Alaska.

The business, in Fairbanks, began to grow and Chris’ passion and belief in Rigid light bars was propelling the business away from a variety of aftermarket items. The retail business was focusing more and more on selling Rigid Industries LED light bars, and custom installs on all types of vehicles, ATV’s, boats, RV’s, and commercial trucks. In order to accommodate the large number of sales around the state, Chris began to set up dealers to sell the light bars in areas other than Fairbanks.

In 2012, Chris decided to split the retail business up and start a separate distributorship, designed to focus solely on selling to the dealers around the state. The distributorship was named Alaska LED Industries. Over the next year, Chris travelled extensively around Alaska setting up dealers, doing trade shows, and selling a ton of Rigid Industries LED light bars.

As 2012 came to a close, it became apparent that the distributorship, out of Fairbanks, needed to grow and move. In the spring of 2013 Chris began looking for property to open a distribution warehouse in Anchorage, Alaska, a more central location for his dealers. The retail business, in Fairbanks, was sold and “Alaska LED”, as it has become known, opened in Anchorage, in August of 2013.

Alaska LED has grown into a distributorship that now supplies lights to over 100 dealers around Alaska. Alaska LED also has contracts with many trucking, mining, and oil corporations, throughout Alaska, as well as, government and military contracts. They also, due to the high demand, have continued selling and installing to the general public. A surprising market that has taken off for the company is sales to the marine industry, including commercial fishing and personal boating.

Alaska LED now sells many different types of LED lights, including headlights, vehicle interior lights, and commercial and residential lighting. The company has grown so rapidly, it had to double the size of its facility within the first 6 months of moving to Anchorage.

So when you are in need of the worlds best forward projecting LED lights, be sure to stop by Alaska LED Industries.

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