Agriculture and Rigid Industries


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Agriculture and Rigid Industries

The agricultural industry doesn’t quit when the sun goes down. Increase productivity by increasing visibility at night. Rigid Industries LED Lighting offers standard and Heavy Duty lighting components that are designed to stand up to the demands of today’s agricultural needs and the light output far to surpass expectations of light. 

This is John Dinsmore’s story.

What does it mean to be farmer?

“To be a farmer is the greatest job I could ever imagine it would be. Farming is compassion, integrity and trying to learn the real definition of sustainability,” said John Dinsmore, Arizona farmer.

Farming is more than just a job; farmers literally feed and clothe the world. “One summer we picked up enough custom work that kind of blew our minds. We thought wow, what a great opportunity,” said Dinsmore. The entire operation demanded John’s business to work at night.

John started rigging up some old tractors and lights to get started on the custom jobs but soon realized he didn’t have the proper equipment or lighting to work at night. John and his crew ended up purchasing a new tractor that was nearly five years newer than the rest.

The new tractor came with a bunch of Rigid Industries LED Lights and John was soon blown away. “We thought, wow, we need more of these Rigid lights. We didn’t have any so my parts guy ended up going to the local dealer and purchased more,” said John.

Once John started expanding his business by stacking and racking hay at night, he soon discovered how crucial it was to have the proper light to work at night. “I was talking to a friend of mine about lights my tractor. My first few words were: Rigid Industries LED Lighting has basically revolutionized what we are able to do on our farm,” said John.

John’s business is now able to work at night while operating more efficiently.

“My Rigid lights turn night into day on the farm.” – John Dinsmore

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